Why should I buy a Premium Domain?


A "top domain" can take a great value to your business, besides contributing to accelerate the growth of the company, shortening a long road for the time until you consolidate an appropriate traffic to your site.

But how can you calculate it?

To estimate the value of a domain, consider what the value of one new customer is to your business, including its lifetime residual value and all of the referrals the customer will provide. Multiply this number by the number of new customers your new premium URL might attract, including "click-in" traffic and "keyword" search engine traffic.

For example, if each of your customers is worth $500 dollars over their lifetime, and your new URL attracts 100 new customers over the life of your company, then the domain could be valued at $50,000 to your business.

If your premium URL attracts 10,000 new customers and they are valued at only $5 each over their lifetime then you would come up with the same $50,000 valuation. So, if you can buy a domain for a few thousand dollars that is worth tens of thousands or more to your business, then it's clearly a bargain.

In theory, the more premium domains you have that generate site traffic and new customers, the better.

All premium domains can easily point to your existing site to attract this search engine and type-in traffic. Regardless of how many additional customers this domain attracts to your company, it should hold its resale value and in all likelihood grow more valuable over time.

In the Brazil the potential value of those "top domains” only now begins to be discovered for the market, different of the countries more developed in the use of the Internet where there are cases of domains negotiated by the hundreds of thousands of dollars, even more, what indicates a strong tendency of valorization clearly in the short period.

Finally, you can consider the strategic position that you can get before your competitor, if you buy a “top domain”. This is not only important for the value that enters to your business, but also for the value that it stops the growth of the your more direct competitor and with the potential risk of damage to your growth and your current and future earnings.

And the most important. If you buy a "top domain" of Brazil, you will make a great and lucrative business.

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